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Manufactured from one-piece seamless linear polyethylene. These tanks are ideal for potable water, food storage and industrial applications. Resin complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21CFR 177.1520(c)3.1 and 3.2. Lightweight and easy to handle. These tanks are designed for outside storage applications. Perfect as water containment tanks.

Technical drawing : TC2331,TC3731,TC4236,TC3581,TCR4756,TC6442

Part #CapacityDiameterHeightManwayWeightPrice
TC233160 Gal.23"31"16"20 lbs$363.00
TC3731120 Gal.37"31"8"50 lbs$706.00
TC4236170 Gal.42"36"8"60 lbs$874.00
TC3581300 Gal.35"81"16"80 lbs$1,433.00
TCR4756330 Gal.47"56"16"75 lbs$1,362.00
TC6442500 Gal.64"42"16"120 lbs$1,979.00
TC4772500 Gal.47"72"16"130 lbs$2,065.00
TCR7244600 Gal.72"44"16"110 lbs$1,720.00
TC72721000 Gal.72"72"16"200 lbs$3,328.00
TCR11001100 Gal.102"39"16"200 lbs$3,145.00
TCR11011100 Gal.72"73"16"200 lbs$3,148.00
TCR15001500 Gal.102"53"16"220 lbs$3,454.00
TCR15011500 Gal.72"93"16"250 lbs$3,700.00
TC88681550 Gal.88"68"20"300 lbs$3,947.00
TCR20002000 Gal.102"66"16"280 lbs$4,395.00
TC95922500 Gal.95"92"22"425 lbs$6,415.00
TC30003000 Gal.95"107"22"535 lbs$8,353.00
TC40004000 Gal.95"140"22"750 lbs$9,065.00
TC50005000 Gal.102"152"22"1050 lbs$13,310.00

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